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Hello and thank you for visiting my personal fitness page! My name is Tara Hall and I’m a female transformation coach, group fitness instructor and Bikini Competitor based in Norwich.

Fitness has always been something I’ve loved, from a young age I grew up playing sports. I was involved in gymnastics, cross country, athletics and played tennis to a National level. I had to stop playing tennis due to injuries, so I became the typical cardio bunny at the gym only doing a few weights which were always quite light!

After a half marathon I damaged my hip and back. Due to this I was unable to train properly for a whole year! As you can imagine being very active all my life this was awful and mentally it was tough too, I didn’t know what to do.

‍‍‍After carryin‍‍‍g out yoga, pilates and lots of stretching work I gradually returned to the gym. It wasn’t until I was travelling in Australia that I really got into it more after joining Wickedbodz in Surfers Paradise and having a plan written by the lovely Avril Mathie (who is still a big inspiration of mine) that I started to take it more seriously. I wanted to look like the fitness models I saw online. That’s when I discovered the competitions, I’d always thought they were for men! So I decided I wanted to do it, hired a coach and completely changed my life and body!

Now I’ve 3 competitions under my belt, one being the British finals and many more to come! You can really do anything you set your mind to and I hope I’m able to help change your mind set and your life.

Whatever you are looking to accomplish as far as losing weight, putting on weight, gaining muscle, gaining strength, competing or just looking to get in shape foryourself I am here to help! Accountability is crucial when striving for progress. Only YOU can out in the work that is necessary for accomplishing what you set your mind to do, but I am here to help you along the way and guide you to be the best possible YOU!

If you have any questions please contact me or see what my clients have to say

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