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All I can say is - she is incredible!! I started off knowing nothing about weights, was super shy and scared of the weight area but after the 2nd week I had no worries she grew my confidence sooooo much! I've learnt so much from her, from food and exercise to general wellbeing and happiness and confidence. She is ALWAYS there when I need support if I ever feel rubbish she is so motivating and pushes me further. I can't recommend her enough if you're a woman (or a man!) looking to confidence build and to get into weights 100000% recommend Tara. I love ya chick thanks so much for everything you've done thanks to you I can now wear a bikini and not feel paranoid and I feel so much more comfortable and happy in my clothes!! Xxxxx


Just want to say thank you soooo much for everything! You truly are amazing at what you do! To me everything has been spot on, thank you so much


I honestly will never look back from this, I've discovered things about me I didn't know and realised I was my harshest critic. Honestly hand on heart with Tara at the helm everyone can get results, because she gets you to believe in yourself and you can eat FOOD!

Last week was the first week in my life I stood on the scales and hoped I hadn't lost, I can't fit in more food!

I want to know first of all....

What is your main fitness goal?

Why have you struggled to achieve this so far?