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Healthy recipes with a new cookbook each month

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Overcome your cravings, no dieting, no restricting


Home and gym workouts on the app regularly changing each month

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Toned by Tara Monthly Membership

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  • Stay motivated

  • Gain independence to ensure you understand fitness & nutrition for long term results

  • Videos on fitness & nutrition in the membership area to help you focus and exercise correctly

  • Ask me any questions if you feel stuck or unsure, I'll also check in with you to make sure you're on track

Toned by Tara Membership contains all you need to know to transform your body and ditch the diets for long term results


Leigh trained 5 days per week in the gym mainly weight lifting as well as tracking her calories and food intake


Michelle is a mum of 2 boys, she also works so is very busy. Michelle worked out from home and we worked together to create good eating habits, eating mainly whole foods but also incorporating meals/nights out


Paige wanted to drop some body fat for her holiday, she worked out at the gym 3-4x per week and tracked her food intake on myfitnesspal app and we worked together to help her drop 1/2 a stone before her holiday

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Sharon Saunders

I approached Tara and asked for help.
Why? Well at the time I had hit rock bottom due to being addicted to a minimum of three energy drinks a day, six prescribed strong painkillers as well as eating a poor diet and having very little physical exercise. Basically I had got myself in a rut and because of this it had a detrimental effect on my mental well being too.
Tara helped me initially by discussing my addictions, diet, lack of exercise and mental health. She was extremely sensitive and non judgemental and went away to work out a realistic plan to enable me to change my lifestyle for the better. This was written to enable me to incorporate it into my very busy working life. I started the healthy eating one week later and then my initial exercise plan a week after that. Overtime my exercise plan has been rewritten as I have become fitter.
The result has been amazing as you will see from my before and after pictures which I took at the beginning and on week twelve. I advise everyone does this as you do not always see what you want on scales, but the pictures will prove how well you are doing. I am a new woman- I am 18lbs lighter, dropped a dress size and lost 4″ off my waist. I no longer drink the energy drinks or take the painkillers and this has also had a positive impact on my wellbeing.
One thing I really liked was Tara’s enthusiasm and support. If I felt low or negative she would quickly help me look at a positive to refocus me and then I would be fine again.
I found and am still finding the whole experience with Tara like having the ultimate Vitamin B shot, except this feels permanent as she has supported me turn my life around.
I would highly recommend Tara to anyone that is physically and or mentally struggling to change their lifestyle for the better.



You have exclusive access to the Toned by Tara Members area which is packed with workouts, recipes and how to actually get long lasting results. After you have watched the Get Started videos you can request your training plan via the app.


If you implement the advice and training given to you and are consistent, you will start to see results quite quickly


Group Coaching is £19 per month via direct debit. No contracts, just cancel your direct debit to leave the team, upon cancellation it will cancel straight away.


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