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Turn your fat to muscle

September 3, 2018

So you've started getting in the gym and eating healthier in the hope that you're going to turn your fat into muscle. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but turning fat into muscle is impossible! It's like saying I'm going to turn my tree into money. Muscle and fat are two separate tissues within your body, they are completely different. Muscle is an active tissue which means it burns calories at rest and gets our body to move when we want it to, without muscle we couldn't actually do anything. Fat on the other hand just hangs around and stays there, it doesn't burn calories at rest, it doesn't really do anything apart from protect some organs and wait to be used as energy. We do NEED a certain amount of body fat for general health, around 20-25% is the healthy range for females, going very low or very high can have an effect on hormones and will probably make you feel pretty crappy.

So to "turn fat to muscle" what you probably want is to lose body fat & gain muscle. Again two completely different things. To lose body fat you need to eat less calories than your body needs (known as a calorie deficit), to gain muscle to need to eat more calories than your body needs (known as a calorie surplus) - muscle doesn't grow out of thin air you need to eat AND overload it for it to grow. By overload I mean cause the muscle stress through weight training, gradually increasing the weight/intensity/time.

So it's pretty impossible to do both at the same time (unless you are new to lifting weights you can do this for a short amount of time - known as newbie gains).

Just remember fat is fat, muscle is muscle - they are different just like a sock and trainer are different you can't turn one into the other.








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