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Burn Fat Drinking Alcohol

August 17, 2018

Although alcohol itself doesn't magically make you burn fat, once you know what is in foods and alcohol calorie wise it’s easier to track in if you are drinking. You can still lose weight and drink, the problem usually comes with cocktails, getting drunk then eating a whole pizza and portion of cheesy chips!


A small tablespoon on peanut butter has roughly 89 cals, a gin and diet mixer has approx 80 cals! A medium sized banana on average is around 100 cals and a glass of process is roughly 80 cals. Once you understand calories it will make your life so much easier when you are trying to lose body fat.


If you are off out aim to go for a clear spirit and diet mixer, they are the most calorie friendly. Cocktails tend to be laden with sugar and extra calories sometimes even 300-400 calories per drink!




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