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Why you gained weight in one day

July 14, 2018


Have you ever woken up a couple of pounds heavier than the day before?

This is NORMAL, your weight will fluctuate day to day so I recommend to STOP WEIGHING YOURSELF EVERY DAY. Don’t get obsessed with the scale weight.


There are many reasons your weight could fluctuate day to day….

  • You could have used a different scale than normal or weighed yourself at a different time of day, or you could have weighed yourself after eating/drinking

  • You haven’t been to the toilet yet

  • You ate your last meal later than usual so your body hasn't had a much time to digest it

  • You ate more salty food the day before e.g. ate out where restaurants add more sodium

  • It’s time of the month

  • You’re stressed and holding onto more water weight


You will not gain body fat overnight, it just doesn’t happen that quickly. Stop weighing yourself every day and do once a week or once a fortnight. You have probably experienced it when you’re in a good mood then you step on the scales which doesn't say what you want it to and suddenly you're not in a good mood, it really affects how you see and feel about yourself. If you're doing this stop weighing yourself for a while and focus on what you like about yourself. Weight isn't everything and life is too short to constantly be worrying about how much you weigh. Everyone weighs a different amount, everyone is built differently, some have a smaller structure, some larger, some taller, some shorter so naturally shorter people are going to weigh less because there’s simply less of them. It doesn’t matter what anyone else weighs compared to you so stop with the comparing and be happy with what you have and focus on the good bits.



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