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The Best Tips to Burn Belly Fat

April 3, 2018


Losing belly fat is one of the main goals for many women, but HOW do you do it?


1. You need to be in a calorie deficit i.e. eating less calories than what your body currently needs

2. Try reducing processed foods & reduce alcohol intake

3. MOVE more - if you are sedentary most of the day try to be as active as possible like walking to work or taking stairs, little things do add up

4. Increase protein intake - a little with every meal is ideal; think lean meats (chicken/turkey/tuna), fish, greek yogurt, egg whites

5. De-stress - high cortisol levels can mean you are making it harder for yourself to lose weight because water weight could be hiding any fat loss on the scales.

6. Get 7-9 hours sleep per night = decreased stress

7. Workout in the gym! Get in there and work out to your maximum!


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