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Everything you need to know to drop body fat & tone up! Ditch the "diets" forever and get back into your old clothes, no more digging out the fat jeans - they can go!

You will be able to totally transform your body in 12 weeks! After the 12 weeks you can maintain it! No massive cravings, eat your favourite food and find a way of training you actually enjoy. 

This guide is for you IF:

- You struggle with knowing what food to eat

- You start a new "diet" every Monday

- You go "off track" on the weekends 

- You struggle to stay motivated

- You don't know what exercises to do


This isn't for you if:

- You want a quick fix

- You aren't ready to make changes 


If you don't make changes you won't get any results. To get a different result, you have to do things DIFFERENTLY. 

By following the Toned by Tara guide you will be able to create a lifestyle you

1. Enjoy,

2. Can maintain,

3. No guilt if you go out for food/drinks and

4. FITS within your lifestyle


Get rid of those fear gremlins holding you back, NOW is the BEST time to start! Stop thinking what if and just do it.

Toned by Tara Guide - Your Fat Loss & Toning BIBLE