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28 Day Diet & Workout Challenge

Tone your arms, flatten your stomach and shape your legs

Next 28 day challenge starts 2nd September 2019

Structured training featuring the BodyFIT method.

A combination of strength training to increase your muscle tone and maximise the fat burning effect to lose centimetres around your trouble areas. Plus just the right amount of condition to work up a sweat and get the endorphins racing

We don't believe in restrictive diets, supplements, meal replacement shakes, magic pills or potions. We want your nutrition to be fun and sustainable, that's what makes it stick.

We want to keep you feeling full, while optimising your body's ability to burn fat so you are not bloated, you are not hungry and you have the energy you need to get the body of your dreams.

There is nothing wrong with some chocolate or even a glass of wine, we promise

We will celebrate the wins and support you when you stumble. Miss a session and we will call you out every time. 

We care about your results.

Welcome to the team

Do you have trouble losing stubborn belly fat?

Do you wake up feeling lethargic and uninspired every day?

Do you want to workout but not sure where to start?

Do you wish to lose 5kg+?

Do you wish to lose your lose handles in 2 months?

Do you want to have a leaner body in 4 weeks?

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Thank you Tara for the last 4 weeks, I have learnt so much and thank you to the other ladies in the group who have helped, supported and encouraged me.


Can't recommend Tara enough. She has been such amazing support, motivated me, boosted my confidence plus losing weight has been a bonus! I'm not the easiest person with food choices but Tara has been really helpful creating a Vegan diet plan


For the first time in ages I actually felt good about how I looked and felt. Not just physically but mentally too. I'm much more confident and it really means the world, this is purely from these last couple of weeks thanks to you